Friday, October 18, 2013

Congratulations Kai Otton! Winner of the 2013 Rip Curl Pro Peniche / Cascais

   Yesterday Kai Otton won the 2013 edition of the Rip Curl Pro Peniche / Cascais! With an incredible surf throughout the event, Kai Otton, in is first final and victory in the ASP World Championship Tour, pushed back in his road to the title the amazing aerial guy John John Florence, the current World Champion Joel Parkinson, the 2-times World Champion and main contender for the 2013 World Champion Mick Fanning and the 2013 Rookie of the Year Nat Young in the final.

   The 11-times World Champion Kelly Slater lost in Round 2 against the Portuguese Wildcard Frederico Morais. Although I was very happy for Frederico, I coundn't help but feel that the heat was unfair. Personally, I believe that Surf as a randomness attached when it comes to get good waves.

Frederico Morais, the 21 years-old Portuguese surfer who won against Kelly Slater in Round 2 in an awesome performance, pushing Kelly further way from clinching the 12th World Champion Title. Photo taken from
   If the waves are pumping (perfect waves and very frequent) I believe that the surfer which surfs better in that moment will win the heat, but when the waves are not so good, you can be lucky and get very good waves, followed by 20 minutes with no waves. In that case, either surfer can be very lucky! 

   Personally, I believe that in that heat the conditions were not so good, being Slater with a greater disadvantage. Nevertheless Frederico Morais had an awesome performance!!

   So, the world title race comes down to two surfers, Kelly Slater and Mick Fanning. Although Mick has a great advantage at this point, Kelly can still win is 12th World Champion Title if he wins the legendary event of Pipeline and Mick does not reach the semi-finals. If we were talking about some other surfer, I would say that this were a very unlikely scenario, but we're talking about Kelly Slater!!! Anything can happen!!

   In my opinion, the event had some great waves, although not so good as the previous editions. Nevertheless, surfers usually agree that Peniche is one of the best events in the World Championship Tour!!

   I really have to highlight Julian Wilson's MASSIVE alley oop! In the next video I show you this crazy aerial in comparison with John John's alley oop in Bali, Indonesia. What is your favorite?!

   In the next YouTube video you can watch the last day's highlights! 

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Kai Otton, the 2013 Rip Curl Pro Peniche / Cascais winner!

Congratulations Kai Otton!

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