Tuesday, June 18, 2013

World Tour of Surfing Event, Oakley Pro Bali Indonesia

   Starting today, the Oakley Pro Bali Indonesia is the 5th Event in the World Tour of Surfing. This event joins the best surfers in the world like Mick Fanning, Joel Parkinson, Kelly Slater, Gabriel Medina, Jordy Smith...(ok, all of them are good :P, as this event only joins the Top34 + some Wildcards surfers).

   Currently, Mr. Kelly Slater, 11 times World Champion and winner of more than 50 World Tour Events, is "sitting" in the 1st place of the Tour, with the age of 41!!!! So, this short post is dedicated to this Legend ;). Let me show you a video of him in Bali:

   This event will run in the amazing spot of Keramas:

Image taken from the event Website, http://www.oakleyprobali.com/
Photo of Keramas taken from the Event Website: http://www.oakleyprobali.com/
   As I'm writing this, the Oakley Pro Bali Indonesia is about to start. Unfortunately, for those of you Portuguese, Tiago Pires is currently injured and cannot participate in this event, so, at least for me, I want  Mick Fanning to win, as he is my favorite surfer, eheh. For Surfers out there, what is your favorite Pro Surfer?
   I hope you enjoy this post. If you want to know more about the ASPWorldTour and the Oakley Pro Bali Indonesia, just follow the links ;). The event is streaming live here. Have Fun!!

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