Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Lisbon, the beautiful and historic capital of Portugal

   Today's post is about Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, where I live. I decided that this post should be more visual than usually so I will just gather here some photos (a picture is worth a thousand words right?). Enjoy

"São Pedro de Alcântara" Viewpoit, photo taken from www.lisbonlux.com
"Lavra" Elevator, photo taken from www.absolutlisboa.com

Augusta Street, photo taken from www.skyscrapercity.com
"Mosteiro dos Jerónimos", photo taken from asvoltasdovento.blogspot.com
Lisbon from viewpoint, photo taken from www.trekearth.com

Fernando Pessoa, one of the greatest writers in Portugal history, photo taken from hardmusica.pt
Lisbon aerial view, just amazing, photo taken from www.travel-in-portugal.com
Lisbon view from Restelo ("25 de Abril" bridge in the background), photo taken from www.skyscrapercity.com
"Padrão dos descobrimentos", celebrating Portuguese history, photo taken from commons.wikimedia.org
Portuguese Fado music, photo taken from lisbonhost.com
Lisbon typical tram, photo taken from capricho.abril.com.br

Lisbon night life, photo taken from www.sometravelnotes.com

Belem Tower, photo taken from www.danacol.pt
Bairro Alto, photo taken from travel.nationalgeographic.com
Cristo Rei, similar to the one in Rio de Janeiro, photo taken from commons.wikimedia.org

Amazing view right?, photo taken from lisboanoguiness.blogs.sapo.pt
Rossio square, photo taken from www.profissaoviajante.com
Lisbon view from the other side of Tejo river, photo taken from lisbonsurfhouse.com
Terreiro do Paço, photo taken from dezinteressante.com
Parque das nações, the newest part of Lisbon, photo taken from olhares.sapo.pt
Carcavelos Beach, photo taken from www.karmasurfretreat.com
Perfect wave at Carcavelos, photo taken from magicseaweed.com
Perfect tube riding at Caparica, photo taken from www.vacances-location.net

   A lot was left to be shown here but I hope you enjoyed seeing this photos of Lisbon and you feel motivated to take a trip to this awesome city and country. I will surely keep posting more about Portugal, so keep reading. 

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