Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Arctic Monkeys 5.5th Album (Fan-made)

   Hi, sorry for not having post in the last two weeks but I have to write my master thesis until the end of October and currently I'm working at my first job as a engineer!! The experience is being awesome but I didn't had time for posting at Surf Locus Blog and Facebook.

   To redeem myself (ahah), I created a playlist in YouTube which I called "Arctic Monkeys 5.5th Album (Fan Made)". In this playlist I gather 20 musics of Arctic Monkeys that although are not in any Studio Album, could well be an album by itself. There are songs from the very beginning of the album, like the famous "Who The Fuck is Arctic Monkeys" and songs released some weeks ago, just like "2013".

   Below is the playlist, you can jump to a song by choosing which song you want to ear in the top of the player, or you can skip on song by clicking in the bottom of the player.

   If you prefer you can see the whole playlist HERE. I hope you like it, and please subscribe the channel!!!

  Give me some feedback about the playlist ;)

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