Wednesday, July 17, 2013

"Strength to Survive" by SOJA and "New Day Dawn" by Gentleman, two awesome Reggae albums

  Today I want to show you two great Reggae albums from SOJA and Gentleman. The last album from Soldiers of Jah Army (SOJA) was released at January 2012 and is really good and kind of different from their other albums, so I strongly recommend you to listen to "Strength to Survive". Here is two song from this awesome album:

Everything Changes by SOJA on Grooveshark

Soldiers of Jah Army, SOJA. Photo taken from
  Also a great album is "New Day Dawn" by Gentleman, released last April. Following "Diversity", this new album is also very good, with beautiful songs like "You Remember", "In My Arms", "New Day Dawn" and "Homesick". Let me show you two of these songs:

Gentleman. Photo taken from
  Sorry if I sometimes share songs with Grooveshark and other times with YouTube. The problem is that I can't publish here some YouTube songs due to some legal cause and some of them I can't find in Grooveshark.

  I hope you liked the previous songs from SOJA and Gentleman. Have Fun!!

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