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Peniche SuperTubos and Portugal's first artificial wave pool

   If you like Surf, you must know the famous tubes of SuperTubos, Peniche, Portugal. Described as the European Pipeline, its home for the Rip Curl Pro Peniche (ASP World Championship Tour event) since 2009, substituting the former Billabong Pro Mundaka, in Spain.

Peniche Location in Europe. Photo taken from
   Peniche and Baleal are one of the best surf spots in Europe and if you enjoy surfing, you should come to Portugal, enjoy these great waves and the beautiful coast line.

   Here is some photos of Baleal and Peniche great waves and beaches:

SuperTubos wave at Peniche, Portugal. Photo taken from
Owen Wright HUGE air at the Rip Curl Pro Peniche. Photo taken from
Baleal waves. Photo taken from
Baleal Aerial View. Photo taken from
  Let me also share with you you a highlights video from the Rip Curl Pro Peniche: 

  Peniche is also going to build the first artificial wave pool of Portugal. This decision was announced recently as a way to help reducing the seasonality of tourism in Peniche.

 This theme park will be constructed within city limits, very near to Baleal Surf Breaks. It will also have other sporting activities besides surf.

 There has been some talking about the technology that will be used in this wave pool and a very probable candidate is the WaveGarden Tecnhology.

 This awesome technology creates a wave that enables an amazing surfing experience for both beginners and professional surfers.

  Without going into details about the technology, let me show you this awesome wave, surfed by well-known professional surfers like Dane Reynolds, Taj Burrow and Gabriel Medina:

Photo taken from
Wavegarden Aerial View. Photo taken from
  I enjoyed showing you my surf spot, Peniche, and I hope you too enjoyed this post and the great tubes of SuperTubos. See you here at Peniche, Portugal ;) Have Fun!!

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