Saturday, July 13, 2013

Frankie Chavez, the Portuguese "One Man Band"

  Hello, last Tuesday I present to you two Portuguese bands, "Capitão Fausto" and "Salto, both singing in Portuguese. Today I want to share with you a more international Portuguese Artist, Frankie Chavez.

Frankie Chavez. Photo taken from
  Frankie Chavez plays beautifully Blues/Folk music in a style "One Man Band", just like the well known Xavier Rudd. His style is unique among the Portuguese music as he mixes different guitars, tunnings, pedals and drums. His style is truly amazing as he also play Portuguese Guitar, used in Fado (Portuguese music genre). Thus, combining with Blues music, create a wonderful musical experience.

  Frankie Chavez has also a close connection to Surf. He created the Official Song for the Rip Curl Pro Search Peniche 2009. This was the first time that the ASP World Championship event was at Supertubos, Peniche, Portugal. The Rip Curl Pro Search was an event that was in a different location every year. The organization and the professional surfers of the ASP enjoyed so much the event that they decided to move it permanently to SuperTubos. Let me show you that amazing music, entitled "The Search":

  In his music, Frankie Chavez also uses Slide Guitar and Lap Steel. Come one!, the man uses a thousand musical instruments, his songs are just awesome!

 Do you know the biggest wave ever surfed? At 2011, Frankie Chavez composed and co-produced the soundtrack for the documentary "The North Canyon Show", showing the Hawaiian Garret Mcnamara surfing the HUGE waves of Nazaré, Portugal.

Awesome photo of Garret Mcnamara surfing a HUGE wave at Nazaré, Portugal. Photo taken from
  Let me show you another two songs of Frankie Chavez. Notice the complex and beautiful melody of his songs. The second is a cover of Pixies song "Hey!":

  If you want to know more about Frankie Chavez and listen to his songs, you should follow this link to his Spotify Profile.

Frankie Chavez stage. Look at all those instruments! Photo taken from
  This was probably the post that I enjoyed the most to write at Surf Locus. It gives me such a great pleasure to share with you very good music, especially Portuguese music. I hope you liked it and if you did, please LIKE Surf Locus Facebook Page: Have Fun!!

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