Monday, July 29, 2013

US Open of Surfing, Final Day Highlights

  The US Open of Surfing as come to an end. The Brazilian Alejo Muniz is the new champion of the legendary waves of Huntington Beach. I hope you enjoyed this Prime Event. Sincerely, I didn't appreciate so much this event as the waves were not so good as I was expecting, moreover coming from the event at ASP World Tour Championship at Bali, Indonesia.

  Alejo Muniz won over Kolohe Andino at the final. I also want to point out the outstanding performance of Michel Bourez throughout the event.

  I leave you now with the Highlights of the final day of the ASP Prime Event at Huntington Beach:

Alejo Muniz, taking a bath of champagne with a little help of Kolohe Andino

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