Saturday, August 31, 2013

Richie Campbell, That's How We Roll

   I hope you enjoyed the last 5 posts of Surf Locus about our Road Trip to Vicentina Coast and Algarve, Portugal 2013. There will surely be more posts at Surf Locus about travelling and experiencing the world.

   Recently I found this amazing blog about a couple that has been doing a Surf Trip around the World for 1 year and a half. Lately I have been thinking about doing the same and this comes as a great inspiration. Take some time to read Surfing Around the World blog!

  Today I want to show you a very good Portuguese Reggae Musician, Richie Campbell. With two albums released he is one of the most well-known Reggae musicians of Portugal.

Richie Campbell, photo taken from
  Playing with 911 band, considered by many to be the best Portuguese Reggae "Backing Band", Richie Campbell already collaborated with well-know international Reggae Musicians like Anthony B. and Kymani Marley.

  Check out this great music from Richie's second album "Focused", recorded in Jamaica:

  I specially enjoy some musics that Richie Campbell produced with Dengaz, a Portuguese rapper. Check out this great song:

  Lastly, let me share with you a song from Richie's first album "My Path":

  I hope you liked this great Portuguese, please follow this link to his Spotify profile. This is the great quality of Portuguese Music, That's How We Roll. 

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